A lot of speculation has been going around about the identity of “Pierre Poutine”/”Pierre Jones” at what some might consider the heart of the Robocalls scandal; however, this is only one side, and certainly not the largest part of the overall investigation into wrongdoing by the Conservative Party of Canada during the 41st General Election.

This much is publicly known: Pierre Poutine had a business relationship with RackNine and 2call.ca of Alberta.  In media interviews, RackNine owner Matt Meier claimed he able to trace the IP information supposedly momentarily unguarded to an address in Guelph; Mr. Meier confirmed this information with me in a subsequent email, also stating that he was unable to get any more information due to the information being protected behind a “veil.”  Of course, by the time I had come into contact with Mr. Meier, I had already begun investigating and had found out the identity of Pierre Poutine.  Whether or not there was a layer of protection when Mr. Meier backtracked him, I was able to trace this information to a location that matched information about a Conservative Party campaign staff member.

This staff member had a prior relationship with RackNine, a company that does not try to hide the fact that it openly supports Conservative Party and (small c) conservative operations.  It has also been reported that the person behind Pierre Poutine was a self-claimed “cellphone expert”, and had more than enough technical expertise to set up a parallel operation to his existing legal business relationship, or to disguise his unethical and possibly illegal activities as a legitimate business venture.  Whether or not RackNine just didn’t vet their new customer with more diligence than a pharmacist vets a customer before filling a prescription for Vicodin, or whether the information provided to Elections Canada wasn’t the full story (or accurate) isn’t for me to decide or investigate - that would be the job of the RCMP.  I’m just saying that that particular connection and the information provided to Elections Canada doesn’t check out.

Another interesting fact about Pierre Poutine is that the day he stopped cooperating with Elections Canada and hired a prominent Conservative Party of Canada lawyer, is that his communications activity changed and it became a great deal harder to investigate him than it had been in the past.  It’s clear that someone much smarter and someone who would know the exact trail investigators would be looking at gave him instructions on saving his, well, ass.  A little too late, though.

According to Elections Canada’s expenditure report for the campaign of Marty Burke (Guelph), this person was paid a salary of $1,100 as a member of the staff during the campaign.  It’s enough to make him a undeniable member of Mr. Burke’s campaign and a paid staffer for the Conservative Party of Canada.  Whether or not he was paid any other amount of money by other people close to the party is unknown at this time.  I have reached out to Pierre Poutine, with the only response being from a Conservative Party lawyer - the same lawyer who has been tasked with uncovering the identity of Pierre Poutine.  Additionally, I’ve received confirmation from no less than one dozen confidential sources on his identity.  Their information checks out and corroborates mine, thus I feel comfortable in revealing his identity publicly.

Pierre Poutine is Andrew Prescott.

For what it’s worth, his lawyer is directly connected to the Conservative Party, as well several other ridings in Ontario (at least).  And it’s not like I don’t have dirt on them, too.